Monday, April 27, 2009

Basketball Recruiting Update 4/27

The Terps currently have Jordan Williams and James Padgett signed for the '09 and still have some targets out-there such as Deshawn Painter and Lance Stephenson. 

Jordan Williams- 6'10" 240 lbs.
Is a big dude who can throw it down with some power, check out this video
He looks like he has a good presence around the hoop offensively with a soft touch, he runs the floor well even though he's a big dude. I know it's picky but his free throw motion is really weird, he bends down all the way then comes back up, which creates a lot of room for error. Looks a like a taller Braxton Dupree physically, though I have not seen too much of Braxton's game. He seems like he will provide depth at the 4 and/or 5 and help immediately. 

James Padgett- 6'8" 212 lbs.
Seems to be in the mold of James Gist, as a very athletic power forward, with some serious hops. Projestion to this class, is well good if he does the same thing Gist did as a freshmen. He should hopefully help with Maryland's depth on the front line. 

Where we stand right now, the depth on the frontline should be much better with only Dave Neal leaving. Maryland welcomes these two young men and as well as Steve Goins after his redshirt year, Jerome Burney returns from his injury, and Jin Soo Kim comes back although I'm not excited about this guy(though I hope he proves me wrong). So that gives Maryland two more forwards than they had last year and all three are more athletic than Dave Neal. With these guys in fold, it should hopefully allow Maryland to go big at times with Milbourne at the 3 and small with him at 4.

Now Maryland still has some targets out there with Deshawn Painter- (6'9" 200 lbs.) and Lance Stephenson- (6'5" 220). 

First we'll talk about Painter, he seems like another highly athletic big man and comes with accolades and prestige then the other guys in Maryland's class. One Word to describe him ATHLETIC. He has long arms and a wiry frame, if we get him he'll be fun to watch grow, as right now he has LOTS of potential. Only problem is if he qualifies which at this point does not seem likely. All we can hope for is that he does and that he signs with Maryland.

Stephenson looks like a long shot even if Vasquez leaves for the pros even though the Terps have been pushing him hard. Stephenson is a big bodied guard who can play the 2, 3, and maybe a little point. His primary game is slashing to the basket and making plays. The one thing that we have going for us is that James Padgett is his teammate and seems to be working him. If he did come to Maryland he would step in and play the 2 immediately and push Hayes to the point if Vasquez leaves. If Vasques stays Stephenson steps in and plays the 3 probably with Milbourne playing the 4. 

The problem is Maryland only has one Senior leaving with Neal which leaves us with only one available scholarship, but if Vasquez leaves we have two. That still does not leave enough for Painter and/or Stephenson, so Gary would have to juggle some scholarships, which he could do.

Prognosis- Stephenson goes elsewhere, Painter doesn't qualify (hope I'm wrong) gets reclassified to 2010 class, which I'll post sometime later this week.

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